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Wuhan built the first IoT smart community

Jun 12-2017

From Yangtze River Daily News 2017-11-08 23:08




"Changjiang Daily" reported on November 8: In the community, no key is needed, just scan the face or fingerprint. On November 8th, the reporter was informed that Wuhan City has launched a pilot project of "Ping An Community Internet of Things", which is expected to be officially put into operation on November 15.

"It's really convenient, and there is such a modern access control system..."

At noon on August 8, the entrance of Bihu Community attracted many residents to register. After community resident Li Bin (pseudonym) completed the entry of his ID card and fingerprints, he walked to the front of the residential access control camera, and the community door opened automatically.

In addition to the four gates of the community, residential buildings, and parking lots, smart card models are also adopted. The project manager, Manager Wang, introduced that because the personnel's information is registered in advance, the people who enter the community, access time, and frequency information will be clear in the background.

In addition to the displacement of the manhole cover, the location of the fire and smoke and the alarm, the system is directly related to the water, electricity and gas systems of each household.

According to Liu Tongzhou, a community police officer, this interview information was recorded. The original residents of the community are completely free, and foreign tenants only charge a fee of RMB 10.