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Wuhan a small district "scan face" in. Screen out a lot of MLM personnel, well c

Jun 12-2017

From Yangtze River Daily News 2017-11-08 23:08




Wuhan a small district "scan face" in. Screen out a lot of MLM personnel, well cover displacement can alarm.

Wuhan’s one district "scan face" in order to entry. Photo by reporter Yin Qinbing

Yangtze River Daily News on November 8th Go home to the community, without the key, by scanning face or fingerprint, it can be done. In November 8th, the reporter in Wuhan Development Zone Bihu community learned: Wuhan City started the "Ping an Community IoT" pilot project, is expected to be officially operational in November 15th. At present, it has been screened out pyramid marketing personnel during the trial operation period.

"It's really too convenient,and there’s such a modern access control system... "

At noon on the 8th, the resident information entry point for access control at the entrance of Bihu Community attracted many residents to register. Community resident Li Bin(Pseudonym)In the ID card, the completion of the photo, fingerprint entry. He just walked to the front of the residential access camera, surprised to find that, "click", the door of the community automatically was opened.

In addition to the four gates of the community, residential buildings, parking lot, also taking the smart card mode.Residents of the communityhave registered vehicles which can be automatically released and extraneous vehicles are automatically blocked out of the door.Technology company project manager Wang Jianliang introduced, because information of credit card person was prior registration so who entered the community, access time, frequency information.It will be clear in the background.

In addition to well cover displacement, fire smoke concentration location and alarm, the system is also directly related to each household water, electricity, gas system.If an elderly person who lives alone does not go out for a few days or has zero water and electricity consumption, it will automatically trigger community personnel to visit their homes and provide help.In addition, the smart sensor of the garbage can also push the overflowing information to the sanitation department.

According to the understanding, in August 2017, in order to build the "ping an community", Wuhan city, in the east lake high-tech development zone and Wuhan economic and technological development zone, will be funded by the government to pilot the intelligent access control system. As a rural community also built the Bihu community as a pilot community this time, it is highly expected to improve the management level of the community and improve the face of public order.

According to the community police Liu Tongzhou, this access information is recorded, the original residents of the community are completely free, the foreign tenants charge only 10 yuan for the cost.

Bihu community is the development zone's major areas of pyramid marketing. In the past, although the police tried to control,but re-emerging. This time, through the real name entrance guard, especially the "three months" for the authorization of the tenant access control, the over-limit must be actived, which will help the police to control the situation.

Liu police officer said,the smart access control collection,registration and record,ask the landlord must confirm that the tenants and occupants information match.Currently, the police has been screened out 6,7 houses, there are pyramid marketing personnels. The police had warned the landlord on the spot, requiring a deadline to terminate.For some key pyramid selling reflux personnel , they are encouraged to return.(Reporter Yin Qinbing correspondent Zong Yaoqi Zhu Yunbo)