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Huangshi City completes the first Narrow Band IoT Test Platform in China

Jun 12-2017

In September 13th, the " China's first city-level narrow-band IoT test platform conference and trend of development seminar ", sponsored by the Huangshi big data Administration Bureau, was successfully held in our city. The meeting formally announced that Huangshi City would be the first city-level narrow-band IoT test platform.

According to the introduction, the narrow-band IoT technology is an emerging technology in the IoT, which has the advantages of long distance, mass terminal node, low power consumption and network cost economy. In the future, the technology can be applied to many aspects such as smart meter reading,, car networking, intelligent keystroke, intelligent street lamp, logistics monitoring, environmental protection monitoring, security monitoring and other aspects of intelligent city construction. At the beginning of 2016, our city made a decision to speed up the construction of the country's Industrial IoT industrial base in our city.

In March 18th, our city introduced the domestic narrow-band IoT leading enterprise Easylinkin technology co., LTD., which is responsible for the construction and operation of the network platform of the narrow-band Internet in Huangshi city. It is reported that after six months of investigation, planning, design, construction, acceptance and other links of the expert team, the country's first city-level narrow-band IoT platform was successfully built at Huangshi city,and three months ahead of schedule to achieve the set goals.

Huangshi City narrow-band IoT platform, adopted the core technology products of Easylinkin technology Co., Ltd.. It sets up 30 logical station, can hold up to 3 million node points, covering an area of 85% of the main urban area of Huangshi city. Covering the population of 1.2 million Huangshi city, laying a solid foundation for the application of the IoT at the city level and the application of the IoT in the vertical industry. At the same time, based on the city-level network, has been in the environmental monitoring, temperature and humidity, firefighting, security, parking, and other areas of the application of some pilot application, the next step will put the low power wide area network of base stations and core technologies into the construction of the Huangshi smart city.