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Easylinkin LoRa Network provides security for CIIE

Jan 26-2021

At this large-scale exhibition, there are hundreds of thousands of exhibitors around the world, the pressure of epidemic prevention and control is huge. As a provider of IoT solutions, Easylinkin has specially launched a monitoring solution based on Lora,which can collect body temperature of thousands of staff in the venue. Once there is an abnormal body temperature on site, the system will update information at all management levels and coordinate disposal plans.

Easylinkin G200 LoRa Gateways have been fully deployed in all venues, only one gateway is needed for each venue with an area of 26,000 square meters to achieve full coverage, and supports reliable communication of thousands of devices. This communication technology, which is 100 times farther than Wi-Fi, but consumes only 1% of the power of 4G, will bring infinite possibilities for data collection in various scenarios.