Smart Security

Low-Power Wide-Area Network(LPWAN)with its unique and irreplaceable advantages, is innovating the traditional management mode of the public security system. Easylinkin uses LoRa that is most proven technology in LPWAN, grab for the public security information construction to provide comprehensive system information, data analysis, integrated information services such as security, firefighting, system integration.

It will build innovative solutions in community policing, emergency command and intelligence analysis.

Abnormal alarm: Timely upload staff entry and exit data to the public security platform, cover the blind area of the traditional monitoring area of the rental housing and residential areas.

Convenient networking: Without wall perforation and large-scale construction, the network can be quickly deployed, and the later maintenance of the network is convenient, and the application extension is simple.

Unified management: One network covers access control, security, fire, infrared and other public safety supervision information.

Application of the rich: Various data output models and warning limits can be set according to the requirements. User layer supports PC, mobile client, management efficiency.